Welcome to my website, my first software project which is also a regularly maintained compilation of all my other experiences and projects. Beginning in the summer of '22-'23, this website was my start to coding after I was introduced to it in ENG1013, a first year engineering unit at Monash University.

Projects and Experiences

Breadboard used to house electronics coded in the ENG1013 team project

The breadboard used to house the electronics that I coded in the team project for ENG1013

Screenshot of this website's resume webpage

My first solo software project; this website!

Monash Nova Rover Logo

Monash Nova Rover; the student engineering team I became a part of in 2023

A Coles storefront inside a shopping centre

I worked as a team member at Coles to build my professional skills

GitHub Logo

You can visit my GitHub page and more through the profile page!

Monash University Logo

Monash University; the university where I am completing my Bachelors of Software Engineering (Honours)